PT — or how I need those little muscles

Quick update on the hip (more on bicycles, maybe, later — this weekend was a big challenge achievement there). We’re at almost 6 months since I was hit, now, so it’s still not the fastest road to recovery, but I’m finding that believing and following my Jimmy’s instructions is getting me there relatively quickly. (Though the hard part is not doing TOO much. I have strict instructions on what to limit to avoid setting up damage)

In an interesting turn, the big muscles appear to be doing well. I do need to do a lot of foam rolling (and, after sitting on a plane last week back and forth to Utah for the Red Sky Security Conference 2018). However, things like squats with resistance, ‘bent sit lifts’ and similar are challenging, pointing to weakness in the small hip abductors that were cut or moved for the surgery. Time to tackle those!


Temporary injection thyroplasty

While the hip and pelvis continue to heal — and, in fact, those are things that I can (with Jimmy over at Langford) work, and am continuing to do so (a matter for another post) — the state of my larynx is really rather out of my control. The team over at UNMH have been superb in general, but they’ve decided we’re at a point where they’d rather get someone more specialised. As such, this last week (the 6th) it was off to Phoenix for a trip to the Mayo clinic for more diagnoses and hopefully a path forward.

Of course, it could never be that simple.


Healing progress

A more positive post and update — the pelvis recovery seems strong. Continuing with an aggressive PT schedule at Langford has really helped, and I am able to be back on the mountain bike (still on slicks) and have started both crest climbing again and solo runs up South 14. Rides are up to 2-3 hours, 15-40 miles, and over 2,500′ of climbing. This is at 5 months from surgery, and things should continue to improve. Trying to get the left leg as strong as the right with one legged squats (rear leg elevated), balance exercises on shifting platforms/airex pads, and single legged deadlifts. There’s a few pops, snaps, and crackles but nothing painful.

(So if you’re reading this in the ‘how am I going to get better’ vein — you can.  🙂 )

People do keep asking if the plates are ever coming out. I give them horrified looks.

More news on the voice and larynx issues shortly, as I await time with a specialist at the Mayo Clinic for updates

Motorcycles and healing


This is a sad (and sadly belated) post.  One of the big recovery drivers was getting back on a motorcycle — and back to racing — and I did that over a month ago (riding, at least, first on Heather’s CRF250L and then on the Mutley) it wasn’t all that good. With the damage to the orbitals still healing, and the hip not that solid, it wasn’t a terribly entertaining experience, and I just felt worried and not in control the whole time. Not sure what the prognosis there is, but I was pretty close to selling off all the bikes except maybe the RC8R and just keeping that as a conversation piece.

We will see. I definitely think racing is further out than I thought.