A more positive post and update — the pelvis recovery seems strong. Continuing with an aggressive PT schedule at Langford has really helped, and I am able to be back on the mountain bike (still on slicks) and have started both crest climbing again and solo runs up South 14. Rides are up to 2-3 hours, 15-40 miles, and over 2,500′ of climbing. This is at 5 months from surgery, and things should continue to improve. Trying to get the left leg as strong as the right with one legged squats (rear leg elevated), balance exercises on shifting platforms/airex pads, and single legged deadlifts. There’s a few pops, snaps, and crackles but nothing painful.

(So if you’re reading this in the ‘how am I going to get better’ vein — you can.  🙂 )

People do keep asking if the plates are ever coming out. I give them horrified looks.

More news on the voice and larynx issues shortly, as I await time with a specialist at the Mayo Clinic for updates

Healing progress

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