One More Surgery out of the way

… and there’s a good chance it’s the last one. I will say that I was trepidatious about having an implant shoved in my neck, and learning that they were going to slit my throat open while I was sedated not under general made it even better.

The implant thryoplasty is done, and the additional arytenoid adduction was apparently NOT warranted. The surgeon’s report here at the Mayo Clinic to Heather was that the worst part was my bad jokes and prepending inappropriate comments while they were asking me to talk as they adjusted the implant.


11 months post-hit — and a century

The last 11 months have been challenging, but in August the new bicycle finally arrived (a month after I picked up a CraigsList Giant Defy that served me OK and at least weighed 5lbs less than the MTB). After a few shorter rides from August on, I decided to challenge myself and do the Day of the Tread 100 mile ride. The Bianchi Infinito CV is an endurance frame, after all, and I’d done the Santa Fe Half Century at the end of May on the mountain bike, so what could possibly go wrong?

Most of Day of the Tread is fairly flat, down along the river valley. For additional fun, the century ride takes in two climbs — the first up Tramway and on to Academy that I am familiar with and the second up Placitas that I’ve only ever done with a motorbike. The leaves were turning, the weather was crisp (downright cold at the 8:15am start) and it wasn’t horribly windy. All good signs. Of course, the fact that it was 18 months since I’d done more than 60 miles was a bad sign, but it was supported…


PT — or how I need those little muscles

Quick update on the hip (more on bicycles, maybe, later — this weekend was a big challenge achievement there). We’re at almost 6 months since I was hit, now, so it’s still not the fastest road to recovery, but I’m finding that believing and following my Jimmy’s instructions is getting me there relatively quickly. (Though the hard part is not doing TOO much. I have strict instructions on what to limit to avoid setting up damage)

In an interesting turn, the big muscles appear to be doing well. I do need to do a lot of foam rolling (and, after sitting on a plane last week back and forth to Utah for the Red Sky Security Conference 2018). However, things like squats with resistance, ‘bent sit lifts’ and similar are challenging, pointing to weakness in the small hip abductors that were cut or moved for the surgery. Time to tackle those!


Temporary injection thyroplasty

While the hip and pelvis continue to heal — and, in fact, those are things that I can (with Jimmy over at Langford) work, and am continuing to do so (a matter for another post) — the state of my larynx is really rather out of my control. The team over at UNMH have been superb in general, but they’ve decided we’re at a point where they’d rather get someone more specialised. As such, this last week (the 6th) it was off to Phoenix for a trip to the Mayo clinic for more diagnoses and hopefully a path forward.

Of course, it could never be that simple.