… and there’s a good chance it’s the last one. I will say that I was trepidatious about having an implant shoved in my neck, and learning that they were going to slit my throat open while I was sedated not under general made it even better.

The implant thryoplasty is done, and the additional arytenoid adduction was apparently NOT warranted. The surgeon’s report here at the Mayo Clinic to Heather was that the worst part was my bad jokes and prepending inappropriate comments while they were asking me to talk as they adjusted the implant.

Initial evidence says that it’s all worked well, and the results SHOULD be good. There’s some scarring on the cords, probably from the intubation, and that meant that things aren’t perfect. However, the expectation is stronger better less batmantastic, so we’ll see when I come off voice rest in 3 or 4 days and am allowed to talk. Meanwhile, I’m going to grumble about the sliced open scar and the fact that it’s not really very comfy.

More (maybe, I’m so great at this recovery blog) later. I’ll have a follow-up in a month or so and maybe speech therapy too. And I have to go backwards in time to write about the hiking.

One More Surgery out of the way

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