Quick update on the hip (more on bicycles, maybe, later — this weekend was a big challenge achievement there). We’re at almost 6 months since I was hit, now, so it’s still not the fastest road to recovery, but I’m finding that believing and following my Jimmy’s instructions is getting me there relatively quickly. (Though the hard part is not doing TOO much. I have strict instructions on what to limit to avoid setting up damage)

In an interesting turn, the big muscles appear to be doing well. I do need to do a lot of foam rolling (and, after sitting on a plane last week back and forth to Utah for the Red Sky Security Conference 2018). However, things like squats with resistance, ‘bent sit lifts’ and similar are challenging, pointing to weakness in the small hip abductors that were cut or moved for the surgery. Time to tackle those!

That said, there’s a lot more single leg efforts with resistance. Some of this is back to pre-weightbearing (clamshells, but now with a band), some of it is the single-leg (Bulgarian?) squats and “Romanian deadlifts” that require those muscles for stabilisation. Wall squats with a band force the abductors to fire, and “bent sit lifts” where the foot of one leg is against the knee of the other and raise to upright. I’m hoping this ‘fine tuning’ is another big step and will allow the big muscles to work more appropriately and strengthen.

Interesting to ‘turn back’ time. Good to work on targeted stuff.



PT — or how I need those little muscles

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