… not that I especially want to even think about parting, but today managed to be about the most depressing day in my Daytona ownership.

Thanks to a helpful member parting out a bike on the Triumph 675 forum, I scored a new tank as I had mentioned. Installed it, looks good, bike runs, seems rich! That’s a good thing. So back off for a quick Dyno run today

That. Of course. Went poorly. Totally different  to what it was doing here, and now making 50hp. To add injury to insult, it was also back to off the charts lean.

It was at this point that I really wanted the movie scene. Bike on fire, walk away slowly.  Of course, that just leaves me without a bike so I settled for Bosque Brewery Scotia, which is rather like just setting your brain on fire and walking away. But tastier (or at least I assume so).

After a couple of these, my ‘give a fuck’ was dropping to a better point AND I got good news. Chasing an air leak, and apparently potentially located. The bad news? No time to test it and see if it is fixed before Tuesday.

However, it’s he first clear sign of there is a problem, and we have fixed it. Tuesday will tell.

To part or not to part, that is the question…

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