In an effort to keep honest, here’s the 2017 plan. The new bike is a Daytona 675; it’s a former WERA race bike so came fairly well prepped, and is even sprung close enough for my weight. It’s got a number of the race kit bits on it, has some upgraded boingers, a great sounding but terrifyingly loud set of FMF pipes and the obvious race bodywork. A quick trip around the neighbourhood was enough to assure me I’d get properly nicked if I sue it on the street, and I apologise to the neighbours for that!

I’ll get pictures up, because this is all useless without it.

Thanks to Scott Cloninger over at Desert Desmo we’ve got the valves done (slightly tight) and installed a UK Race Support billet oil cooler to get out of the way of the occasional exploding cooler that plagued Kim Prichard in her first season on her 675. Spare wheels came with the bike, so I’ve slung some Q3s on there to kill while I familiarise myself with the machine (and to avoid the costs of race tires and tire warmers in the process). Moto-Authority is SMRI’s new tyre supplier, so I availed myself of their services here! (THANKS STEVE!). Also added me some GB Racing frame sliders and case covers and a set of Driven Racing axle block sliders for some peace of mind.

If I can get my brake service done without screwing up anything more (some people shouldn’t be trusted with a spanner, and I may be one of them) I’m hoping to break it in at the Arroyo Seco track day March 11th and then off to Inde March 21-22nd for some rider education time.

More details on the bike after the jump


Here’s the details:

’09 Triumph 675

  • ’12 spec motor installed by D&D Cycles in 2014
  • Triumph race parts
    • Race Wiring Harness and ECU
    • Race Alternator
    • Race valvetrain and springs
    • Velocity Stacks
  • Slipper clutch
  • FMF race exhaust
  • Ohlins 30mm cartridges in stock forks
  • Penske triple-clicker rear shock
  • Attack Triple Clamps
  • Pitbull steering damper
  • Woodcraft oil cover
  • Arrow rearsets
  • Woodcraft clipons and brake guard
  • GB racing alternator and clutch cover
  • GB Racing frame sliders
  • Driven Racing axle block sliders
  • STICKERS!!!!
2017 Race Season

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