… or stupid me?

April and May have been ‘bad training’ weeks for me. After cleverly deciding to do a Century right after the Austin MotoGP trip I discovered the hard way that my saddle was about an inch too low. 40 miles into the ride (before the sleet and rain, but also before it warmed up to 45F) my knees started to hurt. Being a smart monkey, I decided to finish the ride.

Yeah. Not clever.

That took me off the bike for weeks, but luckily the great folks at High Desert Bicycles got my saddle height fixed before I rode again (apart from careering around London on a Boris bike, possibly after a beer or … two). So they next ride was the Santa Fe Century.

No riding for 6+ weeks and a fairly hilly Century? What could POSSIBLY go wrong.

It turned out mostly OK. The last 25 miles hurt like a bastard, but I finished. Oddly, felt great the first 40 — so I suspect it is my overall conditioning. I was super-happy to be done, though, and the next ride was the Iron Horse.

Yeah. Training? WHO NEEDS IT? 🙁

Turned out I could do that as well, but I was pretty slow and paced myself.


Anyway. Time to get back into training. I hope.


Stupid knees….

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