More to come on this, but Heather and I got our second ride (ONLY our second ride) in for the year. There’s been day trips, and hops, but not much.

Despite Clair (who’s idea it was) not being able to make it, and Shaun getting to Wyoming and not being able to continue it was still lovely.

Thanks to Missy and Paula for making it! Good company

The crew on top of Sandia Crest on the way out of town

And we can’t forget Safety Cow

Safety Cow rides again!


Good food

Cooking for a foodie is scary!


Good riding

All speeds must be wrong.

And lots of bikes!


Many, many GS…

More pictures in the Gallery, more words to come (but not to trump Eating On Two Wheels)


Sipapu for the LOEBMW rally

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