If you ever want complete chaos, get your house re-stuccoed. This is especially good if it has been painted at some time in the past, and if you’re going over siding or something else that needs wiring. If you can combine all of these, it’s extra-special.

The crew did a good job — the house looks great. There’s more collateral damage than I’d hoped for, but we’ll see what the end result is after all is said and done and the stucco is properly cured and dry to colour.


It used to look like this:


Original outside

The trim and siding had gotten more and more weatherbeaten over the last decade, those windows had been replaced, and the painted over stucco was gone.

10 years later…

Now… yeah.

Now it looks a bit different

And now…

Full album here:

1004 Santa Ana Restucco work


Restucco pictures

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