I was warned that progress would involves ups and downs as I got to walking, and there’ve been a few downs. It has, however, mostly been up.

Just over a month since I was weightbearing, and walking is much easier and with less of a lurch; there’s some lack of control in the hip that we are working on in PT, and it’s about 50% as strong as on the uninjured leg. There’s a little bit of a struggle in walking more than half a mile or so, but I can make it around the block here, and the times are dropping notably (showing progress). Most of the pain is in the scar itself from the surgery, though twisting on the hip is decidedly uncomfortable.

I’ve had the mountain bike on the trainer since a couple of days after I was weight bearing as tolerated, and while stepping over the sky high top tube was a pain (literally and figuratively) it’s been a good training tool. I’ve hooked it to Zwift via the Tacx turbo trainer, so can get some realism and then, March 8th, I took it out around the street to see how I’d do. It wasn’t too bad– you can see the Strava log:

I’ve managed to make a few more road rides, with and without Heather and even in some traffic (though I’ve yet to dare Tramway, where I was hit). Definitely glad to be back on a bike.




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