Monday was a banner day — after 6 weeks, they unwired my jaw. That’s 4 weeks of smoothies and soup, which is about as exciting as it sounds.

The bad news; I had realised they had basically safety wired the arch bars together. What I didn’t realise is that the arch bars were held on by being wired AROUND a bunch of my teeth. It took a while to first cut the up and down wired and then to untwist and snip or pull free the arch bars — not the funnest time of my life, but!

Home and to eating! The jaw is pretty sore, and the teeth sensitive, so we started with good super soft components of an English breakfast (at 8pm). Heinz baked beans and scrambled eggs!

The rest of the meals have been a good challenge; it’s still (2 days later) very sore and the jaw cranky, but it’s improving. Soft foods are a win, and that’s included cream of wheat, meatloaf, mac and cheese (cooked a little longer), creamed  spinach, and mashed potatoes. Eating takes a lot more care than I am used to, and there’s a lot of focus required as the jaw recovers, but it’s a pleasure to NOT have to have Heather make me 6 smoothies a day, while I continue to lose weight.

The unwiring and flexibility issues are less than I anticipated, but still (for any others looking to see what it’s like when a jaw is unwired) something to pay attention to. The back of my teeth took some brushing, and the dentist in a couple of weeks is going to be interesting, but forward!

Jaw unwiring

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